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A Short Blurb

Welcome, dear visitor, the the web home of the most talked about man in his bedroom. A legend, a hero, a man without whom it has been said 'there he goes'.

Put up your hooves, oh prized visitor, and sample my wares. There are laughs to be had, times to be enjoyed, memories to be created and unsubstantiated claims of thereof in these here pages.

Lettuce explore.

A longer discourse

Ed Parnell is a presenter, writer, actor, voice over, voice actor, animator, producer, director and all sorts of other lovely, lovely things, packaged into a 5'6" frame with what he claims to be a full head of hair.

Browse this, his web presence, sample his tweets, view his cartoons, read his blogs and, if the mood so suits you, send him copious amounts of cash in plain brown envelopes accompanied by unprecidented praise.

Services Available: Animation, Story Development, Character Design, Sound & Vision pre/post production, Voice Acting, Voiceovers, Script Writing, Presentation and Concept Development. Also biscuits.

Manifesto & Ethos

I provide high quality services at competitive rates; I pride myself on quality and speed of delivery. I also offer reasonable tweaking to projects in the unlikely event they should need any. I do this at a cost base which covers my time, provides me with food and leaves enough for me to donate to animal rehoming and welfare charities. So not only are you getting a good deal, but you are helping endangered and unwanted animals survive in an increasingly difficult world.

Ed Parnell - March 2016