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Ed Parnell - Bio

Ed started messing about with sound in the 1970s, when his father bought him a cassette recorder. It was only a matter of a few years before his room was covered in wires, tape machines, synthesizers and effects devices, all precariously wired up rather haphazardly to a 'master' tape machine. A machine which met it's end simultaniously to a blue flash, a puff of smoke and a rather charred screwdriver.

From there he gravitated to the heady fame of hospital radio, before joining various commercial stations and the BBC, where his anarchnic wackiness gained listeners and feedback a-plenty. He appeared on stations in Swansea, Cardiff, Gloucester, Birmingham, Bristol, London, Kent and generally all over the UK. Like a rash. But in a good way. With the onset of automation and the increasing demand for 'brand' sound in radio, and decided to utilise his talents elsewhere.

He stopped doing radio in 2007 and concentrated on learning multimedia skills such as special effects and animation. Focussing on quality outputs and formats, he can provide a presentation solution to your project at low cost.

Ed Parnell - Feb 2018