How I Started

Like many others, I started in the heady world of commercial radio. During that spell I presented shows, produced packages and read news. I worked on almost 30 stations throughout the UK and the BBC. I developed formats and ideas for the medium before finally leaving radio to expand my media output into writing, production and animation.

  • Writing Copy
  • Voice Overs / Acting
  • Presentation
  • Sound Mixing
  • Post Production
  • Talking to Time

Why ed parnell?

I am a one stop shop; I am also aware of my limitations, both in terms of time and skills. If a project doesn’t seem to be a good fit or I cannot bring something to it, I will tell you. If there is a delay, I will tell you. If I am overloaded with projects and cannot feasibly give your project the time it deserves, I will tell you. I believe we play for the same side and should act as a team.

24 Hour Service

I have been known to work for 18hrs to get five seconds of audio right. I have a strong sense of quality and refuse to ever say ‘that’ll do’ when it clearly won’t. I don’t do this for my work, I won’t do it for yours.

Feedback Always Welcome

I enjoy constructive feedback which will help me grow as a person and a service. Whether good or bad, I always welcome opinions.


I maintain reasonable rates for the skills I employ. But a proportion of the fee will be donated to charity. So not only are you getting a quality product, you are helping a good cause.

If You Have Any Questions?

Feel free to contact me

If you have come this far and still not sure I can add value and style to your project, please get in touch. I could contribute, I may not be able to, but I will always give you an honest answer.

Recent Projects

Voiceover, animation and production projects will be linked to here in due course. You can find a random mix of audio and images at

Voice Acting

I have a large range of characters which are good to go. The voices for these characters can be utilised for your project. Be the requirement a posh butler, a frustrated elderly actor or a villain or many characterisations in between, I can give it the sheen to make it stand out.

What Our Clients Says

I don’t at present ask for any feedback from clients; but if I did, they would be the Carlsberg of reviews.

Ed Parnell is a remarkable service, featuring a wealth of media output. From marketing and adverts to production pieces, from 2D cartoons to 3D modelling, from brief jingles to Voice overs and acting, he produces high quality work with the attention to detail you would expect.

– Ian D’Poastoffis.

He has increased the connectivity and content of my output through helpful and original content and suggestions. He is a creative boon to work with either in a live environment or as a pre-packaged standalone item.

– Donna Keybab